Huge News!! I am speaking at Mystic Seminars in Portland, Oregon in 2017!!!

As I truly honor and celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. day today, I am truly blessed to make an announcement that I was invited to speak at 2017 Mystic Seminars in Portland, Oregon along with Jonas Peterson, Gabe McClintock, Verity/Chris Sansom, Jos/tree WoodSmith, & Jeff Cooke (more speakers to be announced). Thank you everyone for your cheerful support and love. Special thanks to my wife, friends/family, Walter van Dusen of Mystic Seminars, CallawayGable for their happy tears, 2016 Mystic attendees for their big shoutouts during the surprise slideshow, and the sponsors Andrew Funderburg of Fundy Designers and Pictobooks albums. More news to come later. This Is beyond excitement!!!

Check out the surprise slideshow of the 2017 speaker announcement that was presented in front of 350 attendees on the third day of the seminars.