2nd overall placement in the recent international wedding photo contest!

Truly honored to be the 2nd overall finisher in ISPWP - International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers 2017 Spring Wedding Photo Contest!  Big hugs to my photographer friends who share the honor, and Congratulations to all the photographers who participated and earned recognitions. Many thanks to the judges of this contest and Joe Milton of ISPWP. Also, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to my clients and photographer friends who also deserve an honor in this collection.


I am merely stoked and feel blessed about seeing my name listed as one of the top ranked photographers in the following three worldwide communities: Fearless Photographer - Top 10 Photographers of 2016 (ranked the highest among U.S. photographers), ISPWP - International Society of Professional Wedding Photographer - Top 20 Photographers of 2016 (3rd highest among U.S. photographers) and MyWed Wedding Photographer - Top 15 out of nearly 20,000 registered photographers.  And I am even beyond delighted to be listed in the top 5 on Wedding Photography Select of U.K - Best of 2016 and being placed as the Top photographer of Inspiration Photographer of Brazil in 2017. This is unimaginably huge and yet unreal to me since I literally started joining the photographer communities three years ago coming from zero connections to any other photography organizations and only knowing a handful number of photographers locally.
Huge thanks to all those amazing wedding photographer communities including, but not limited to, Mystic Seminars and Fearless Photographers community! I would also like to share these honors with my dear photographer friends located in my hometown, across the continent and all over the world; my most supportive wedding professional & vendor friends; my amazing sponsors, Fundy Software Inc, Pictobook, Renaissance Albums, & HoneyPic; and my most devoted & hard working kickass Ken Pak Photography team. Lastly and most importantly, I would like to recognize and give big high fives to all of my wonderful clients who trusted me from the beginning. I wouldn't have been able to achieve any of the above without them.


2016 Compilation

2016 has been another blessed year for me capturing lots of amazing moments from my awesome clients.  I am very grateful to everyone who has been very cheerful and humble loving.  Looking forward to 2017! 

JuneBug Weddings // Photographer Spotlight Interview - Ken Pak

Junebug Weddings featured my work in its November spotlight interview!

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