What to wear to an engagement session?

  • I get this question all the time, so I wanted to add some suggestions here. Really, the main advice I give to get more out of your engagement session is to have fun with it! Don’t settle for the matching jeans and tops look. Get your make-up and hair professionally done, and bring several outfits with accessories. Realistically, we will only shoot two outfits in the time we have, but options are always good. Dressing up is always fun and accessories can really make a difference – whether it be jewelry, different shoes, scarves, or flowers for your hair. For more inspiration, you can always search past engagement sessions to see what you like or don’t like. Also, feel free to bring props! Nothing too overboard or anything, but if you serenade your sweetheart with a guitar every night, we could incorporate it in a few shots. Or if you consider yourselves a bit quirky or romantic or fun, you could bring a bunch of balloons, pet (mostly dog), a kite, big letters of name initials, ?/! signs, a vintage bicycle built for two - the skies the limit! I’m always thrilled when people infuse their personalities into the session!  

Camera & Lenses:

  • A pair of Canon 5D Mark III and Nikon D750

  • Lenes include fast prime lenses, standard zoom lenses & specialty lenses such as tilt/shift and fisheye.

  • All images are processed with professionally calibrated Mac systems.


  • For a standard flushmount 40 side album, 80-90 pictures are suggested for a layout design.  Please contact Ken for more details on style, size, page upgrade & etc.